The Halvorsen Club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of the classic timber boats built by Lars Halvorsen & Sons. With the pooled knowledge and resources of its 150 boat owner members, the Club offers a wide variety of technical services, historical information and social events for the benefit of its members. Formed in 1991 by the Honourable Dr. Derek Freeman The Halvorsen Club has  over 100 boats and 150 members  around the coast of Australia. Proud owners have devoted endless hours painting, varnishing, chroming and generally preserving these proud and elegant boats. The club assists owners with technical information, recommended tradespeople and hold historical information regarding boat production. We also organise a variety of social events.  We look forward to assisting you at any time. A quarterly Newsletter is published and web site regularly updated to keep members informed of the comings and goings of the Club. Activities include; raft-ups, an annual dinner, Christmas luncheon/party, yearly BBQ, beach get-togethers, attending The Wooden Boat Festival, technical days where we have guest speakers who pass on their particular expertise to members. There is great camaraderie in the Club and I'm sure you would find the warmth and friendliness of all the members most worthwhile. Voting rights are restricted to members who own genuine wooden Halvorsens constructed by Lars Halvorsen Sons Pty Ltd and verified by the club’s archivist. Others who are interested in preserving “the legend” are welcome to join as Associate Members and participate in all club activities but acknowledging that Club Raft-ups will only include genuine Halvorsens. Club Merchandise available includes:  Club burgee...$45 +p/h  T-Shirts...$30 - $37 +p/h  Caps....$16 +p/h  DVD’s...$20 +p/h (Prices include GST, + postage/handling)   Membership Details There are two classes of members • Full Member • Associate Member Full members must own (or own a share of) a genuine wooden Halvorsen and have • the right to vote at club meetings and • participate in all club activities including participating in raft-ups with their Halvorsen. Associate Members are all other members and have no voting rights at club meetings. They can participate in all club activities including raft-ups (provided they are on a Halvorsen). No member should join a raft-up of Halvorsens on a boat other than a Halvorsen. They can of course be nearby. Voting members at an annual general meeting may elect Honorary Members in recognition of past service. Honorary Members will have the same rights as Full Members Costs: Full NSW Member: $60 per Annum Full Interstate Member: $30 per Annum Club Burgee: $45 inc GST Interested in becoming a member Contact US     2016-2017 Committee Commodore: Mr Bob Allan Vice Commodore: Mr Chris Brown Secretary: Mrs Diane Woodward Treasurer: Mr Peter Campbell Committee Members: Mr Peter Arnold Mr Howard Insall Mr Tony MacKay Mr Jayson McDonald Club contact details: 88 Cairnes Road Glenorie NSW 2157 Ph: 9652 1629 Fax: 9652 1649 Contact US Reg No. Y15603/35