Classic & Wooden Boat Festival 2010 – By Tony MacKay

Written by commodore
Monday, 15 Nov 2010

Classic & Wooden Boat Festival 2010

We do love a party, and what better venue than on the Sydney city waterfront surrounded by sparkling bright work and twinkling chrome? The 2010 Classic & Wooden Boat Festival at the Australian National Maritime Museum was the perfect occasion for club members to get together and celebrate our good fortune owning a Halvorsen cruiser. On the Saturday evening over 110 members and guests crowded the marina to admire the selection of 14 cruisers (one snappy little launch on a trailer) and enjoy swapping nautical stories over a chilled glass of champagne.

With our caterers wheeling out tray after tray of delicious gourmet delicacies and the city lights encircling the bay, it is a real treat for all to enjoy. The only problem was it was snowing somewhere, and one did not need to be Hercule Poirot to deduce that it was probably rather close by. A strong south westerly wind and clear skies dropped the temperatures to a very unseasonal 14 degrees, sending shivers down the spines of those fashionably clad in diaphanous silk blouses and summer outfits. Those in the know were wearing yachting wet weather gear and caps, not quite the cocktail party fashion stakes winner, but very cosy. Mercifully, those clutching for another drink with a bad case of the shakes could reliably blame the weather.

Why would a mere chill breeze dampen the enthusiasm? As the evening progressed several groups made for cosy cabins, inspecting the interiors, more drinks, more laughter, and in the case of the Nabila crew, the ladies on one sofa wrapped themselves in a king sized doona. Even Scott of the Antarctic would have warmed to the occasion.

Exhibitors were the 65’Silver Cloud, 50’Megsie, 47’Ku-ring-gai, 44’Weatherly, 44’Septima, 40’ Nabila, 32’ Halcyon Days, 36’ Tooronga, 36’ Kara-Kalinga, 30’Hanuka, 30’ Montana, 30’ Quamby, 26’ Gypsy, 26’ Rosemary and 18’ Miss Allie perched in pride of place on her trailer. The 30’ Paralla was to have joined us but a small technical issue caused a name change to Paralysis and she stayed in Mosman.

The ANMM always welcome the Halvorsen Club like family and we were delighted that director Mary Louise Williams and festival director Di Fenton could join us as guests. It is a world class venue and they always work very hard to help us celebrate the world of wooden boats. See you there in 2012.

Many thanks to the author Tony Mackay

4 Responses to “Classic & Wooden Boat Festival 2010 – By Tony MacKay”

  1. DWW says:

    Thanks Tony for another colourful article, I reckon the Halvorsen display this year was one of the best, I have made the trek from the Sunshine State for the last four shows 2004,06,08 &10. It was fantastic to see the magnificent Silver Cloud, the last time I saw this boat was about 1961, when I was a kid and my father was racing speedboats at St George Motor Boat Club. Silver Cloud, at that time, was owned by Mr Ibbotson and was moored sometimes at the club or up the Georges River outside his home. The restoration of Silver Cloud is sensational and I’m sure HH would approve of the stunning and tasteful redesign of the interior. It would be nice to see some photos of the 2010 CWBF on club’s web site and a feature on Silver Cloud. I get very enthused about my boat after every CWBF and get ideas about what I need to do, for the next two years. The Cocktail Party was great despite the weather.
    Dennis Watt “White Crest”:

  2. Lynette Hendry says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Do you know when the Silver Cloud will next be on show? Mr Ibbotson was my grandfather and I spent many holidays on the Silver Cloud at the Hawkesbury. I am keen to be able to show Bob’s great grandchildren his greatest pride and glory. I was born in 1961 and he had the boat for many years from that time. My father is a shipwright and spent many years working on the Silver Cloud. Hope to hear from anyone who knows information.


  3. Dennis Watt says:

    Hi Lynette

    Great memories, if someone hasn’t contacted you yet, I suggest you contact the club, they should be able to put you in contact with the owner of Silver Cloud.

    Best Wishes
    Dennis Watt

  4. Salamander says:

    Hi, are you still interested in Silver Cloud. She will be at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Pyrmont for the Classic and Wooden Boat Festival from 13th April to 15th April 2018.
    Regards, Bob

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