Silver Cloud Floats Again

Silver Cloud Floats Again
22 Dec, 2008 03:00 AM
Source: Port Macquarie News

The art of boat restoration is one of love and devotion.

The result of that devotion was there to see when the Silver Cloud was floated for the first time in over two years on Wednesday.

Restorer Neil Wallace said the 1939 Halvorson motor yacht had undergone a much needed makeover.

Uncountable hours have been spent on this multi-million

dollar project but it was needed after many Band-Aids have been applied in the past.

You have to take your hat off the the owner who has done the right thing, Mr Wallace said.

The 46-year-old said the 20-metre Silver Cloud was steeped in historical significance as it is believed a depth charge dropped from her stern was responsible for the sinking of a Japanese sub.

She was requisitioned by the Navy during World War II and fitted with a Vickers Machine Gun on the bow [front] and depth charges on the stern, he said.

When the yacht had finished its service it was re-fitted and returned to its owner in 1946.

Unfortunately during this process a fire in the engine room damaged a lot of the boat, Mr Wallace said.

We actually removed some of the timber that was still burned, he said.

It was left there as it was believed to be of historical


The work has been done to restore the boat to its former glory.

All the modern items have been hidden behind paneling

to make it look authentic to its era, he said.